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Charity's got something to talk about, order Stranger Danger today!

Dr. Tyrone Howard 

President, American Educational Research Association; Director, UCLA Pritzker Center for Strengthening Children & Families

"Charity Chandler-Cole provides readers with a powerful, insightful, and illuminating journey into the juvenile and foster systems. Using her own story to highlight the problems with systems designed to support and rehabilitate young people, Stranger Danger is a wake up call for us to do better. Chandler-Cole reminds us that these systems need significant transformation or need to be abolished altogether if they are to serve young people and their families better. A must read for those who care about justice!"

Tige Charity

Executive Director, Kids in the Spotlight

“Understanding who the true strangers are and the immense danger they pose is crucial for all of us. I highly recommend adding “Stranger Danger” to your must-read list. Prepare to be captivated, fired-up and engrossed in every word. After reading Charity's book, it's impossible not to be compelled to fight for integrity, accountability, selfless service, and systemic change.”
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